And another cool thing…

February 25, 2017

When it rains, it pours!

Benpark over at the Blitz is taking the time to create some 3D tiles for the series.  The first one he’s released is for Red Victory


As he releases more of them, we will put them up on the site.  Grab the files here.

A Couple of New Things…

February 24, 2017

Hey folks,

Yes, it’s been quite a while since the site has had an update.  The Squad Battles world has lost quite a bit of momentum the past few years.  There is nothing currently in production, although the folks over at JTS are currently working on the final updates for the series to be rolled out sometime in the next year.  Will keep everyone updated.

What we have today is some fantastic work by Richie61 over at The Blitz.  He’s been working tirelessly over the past year or so to finish his”Top Down” look for the counters in pretty much all the SB titles.


The zipped file containing all of the graphics files can be downloaded here. A very special thanks to Ed for his tremendous work and passion for the Squad Battles series.  There are a few other things I’ll be adding shortly…Keep your eyes peeled!


Downloading Issues with Older Files…

October 22, 2015

It was brought to my attention that some of the older files on the site cannot be downloaded at the moment.  There seems to be an issue with the Wargamer FTP site, the place where most of the original files were stored.  I’m trying to contact folks over there to see what the issue is, but they’ve revamped their site and finding contact points is rather difficult.  I’m hoping to have this resolved shortly, but there’s always the possibility that the files may become inaccessible.  We will cross that bridge when it comes….


Submissions to the site…

November 6, 2014

It’s been a while since the site has had an update, wanted to throw out there a notice that if anyone has content they’d like uploaded to the site, please fire me an EMAIL thebigredonetfe4(at)  If you are sending content, please let me know 1) the SB title for the material 2) type of content (graphics, scenarios, etc) and 3) a description of the content and the name you’d like associated with it.

This site is kept going by users like yourselves.  I no longer have the time to scour the internet for SB content to put up on the site.  If you’ve found something you’d like to share, let me know and I’ll do my best to update the site more regularly.


New Graphics Files. Red Victory, AoTR, Winter War, Proud and Few, Pacific War and Eagle’s Strike

March 15, 2014


Thanks to Richie61 (RV, AoTR, WW, P&F, PW and ES vehicle orientation) and Wodin (RV enlarged vehicle counter images) there are some new graphics things to take a look at over in the graphics sections for those games.  Enjoy!



Free Squad Battles Demo game released–Grenada

March 2, 2014



This is a FREE demo game from John Tiller Software, containing 11 scenarios crafted by Jeff Conner, scenario designer of Falklands  Click on the picture to go get it.

First World War and Korean War Blankbox and Terrain Box Artwork

November 30, 2012

With a new game come some new chrome to go with it!  Compass Rose, over at The Blitz Wargaming Club has put together a host of new Blankbox images for First World War, along with a new terrain box as well.  14 color and sepia.  Go here to take a look.  He’s also produced a new blankbox and terrain box for The Korean War as well, right here.  Thanks for the great work!