Panzer Battles Demo and an Update on Updates (important read)

For those of you who may not be on the John Tiller Software EMAILing list…

Important to note that only JTS versions of games will be updated, but you can get free JTS versions of your SB games by sending in pics of the CDs.  See details below.

Who doesn’t like free stuff?

While we wargamers are always looking for the next challenge, we all like a bargain too. What we have for you all certainly fits in both of those categories in the form of the new Panzer Battles Demo! The team over at the WDS has put together a collection of scenarios to showcase the Panzer Battles engine covering 4 different theaters. Yes, I said 4… to read more about it head on over to the Product Page. ** This is a free demo, but you must use the store to obtain a copy.** Link to the store is at the bottom of the product page.

We are also in the process of updating the entire Civil War Battles series, adding in the 2D Zoom In view by popular demand. Most updates have been posted, but the remaining 4 titles should be covered within the next few weeks. Visit the Updates page to grab your copy of the updates.

And finally, another item to cover. We appreciate your support over the years. We continue to support all John Tiller games published both through our JTS site, but also through the HPS site. We will only be issuing updates for the JTS versions however. So everyone wishing to run the latest and greatest updates for their older games will need to migrate to the JTS versions. DON’T PANIC – IT’S FREE!

To migrate all that needs done is a validation of your purchase of the HPS version of the game. The easiest method will be to query the database and find your order there. Failing that, an order confirmation email from a reseller will work…and failing that a simple picture of your cd cases will do. Only games with updates posted to our site need converted at this time. A single picture of multiple games is ideal. To get that process rolling send an email to and include your full name, city & state along with the games you are looking to update. That should be enough for a database query, but if more is required we’ll respond accordingly.

We hope you are enjoying the games we provide and we look forward to providing you with quality entertainment for years to come.

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