Africa at War

Africa at War is a mod that covers 1960’s-1990’s central and southern Africa and uses Squad Battles Pacific War as a host. Why PW? Because of all the maps and terrain available. Making it for TOD or Nam would limit it to strictly jungle terrain when some sparse bush and the like is needed. Why not Korea? Not enough jungle. Getting new maps did not happen , so PW was the mods’ best option. The first batch of scenarios will be concentrated on the Angolan Border Wars of the 70’s and 80’s, the Nigeria-Biafra War, actions in the Congo 60’s-80’s as well as others (some hypothetical).

Africa at Waris the end result of a year and a half of effort and was a labor of love for me. I have always been intrigued by African warfare. As a kid I used to constantly watch movies such as Dogs of War and the Wild Geese. I remember picking up countless copies of Soldier of Fortune from the local 7-11and reading the exploits of units such as the Selous Scouts in Rhodesia and the Foreign Legion in Chad until the covers fell off. As the years passed, I grew more infatuated with the area of the globe that seems to be constantly torn by war and largely ignored. Having been involved in the production of a few SB games and working on another at the moment, I asked John Tiller if he planned to cover this theater. To my disdain he replied to the negative and right at that moment I decided I had to make this mod.

Africa at War is a very fast and deadly game even in comparison to Vietnam. This is due to the fact that game covers warfare until 1990. This game goes leaps and bounds beyond the 1960’s and the weapons of the 1980’s almost make WWII vets look like they were throwing stones.

To be able to use these weapons during the entire 30 years Africa at War covers and to give a more modern feel which comes from more contemporary military hardware many loads had to be increased in their ability to cause damage and penetrate armor as well increasing their ranges to more modern distances. Needless to say this was bad for the bitmap ground pounders.

Squads can be (and usually are) gnarled to pieces in this game if they are caught in the open or in unarmored vehicles or light cover. So to balance things a bit  I had to make one choose their targets more carefully instead of  allowing vehicles to move to and fro across the battlefield unleashing limitless firepower. Certain heavy weapons were moderately decreased in reliability to simulate ammunition consumption vs. the amount there of and others made single use weapons. This makes you pick your shots with your heavy weapons (practice holding fire) and gives the grunts a chance to do so some damage if they make it through the heavy fireworks.

After playtesting this  I have to say that this game gives a good feel of infantry conflict in this day and age based on my own experience in “100 Hours” of the same. For the most part it’s quick, deadly and unforgiving. Welcome to modern warfare, welcome to Africa.


Let me start by saying that Africa at War is not just another mod that adds a few weapons and nationalities. Though the units present use existing folders, extensive work and research was put into things such as the graphics and weapons-armor and the amount of material added is extensive as well as many changes to bring the game up to date.


Nationalities-Armies-Small Arms
African-Eastern Client States– 15 soldier Images and 8 rally voices

African-Western Client States – 15 soldier Images and 8 rally voices

Ejercito Revolucionario (Cuba) – 10 soldier images and 3 rally voices

Exercito Portugues (Portugal)– 10 soldier images and 3 rally Voices (*)

La’ Legion Entranger  – 15 Legionnaire images and 6 rally voices

Rhodesian Army– 15 soldier images and 6 rally voices

South African Defense Force -15 SADF images and 13 rally voices

United Nations -10 mixed soldier images and mixed rally voices

White Mercenaries – 10 mixed soldier images and rally voices

(*) – Portuguese troops had to use Spanish unless you know someone who speaks Portuguese 😉

(%) – SADF troops are now speaking Afrikaans in lieu of English.

New Unit Images- Over 100 images from various sources

New Vehicle Art – Over 70 new images from various sources

Weapons present (not complete listing and not including weapons brought over from existing games)

73mm Autocannon, 30mm Autocannon, 125mm Tank Gun, AGS-17 Automatic Grenade Launcher, AT-1 Snapper, AT-2 Swatter, AT-3 Sagger, AT-4 Spigot, AT-4 Carl Gustav, KPV 14.5mm HMG, M174 AGL, MAG MG, MILAN ATGM, MILAN II, AAT-F1 LMG, AAT-52 HMG, AK47 w/GL, AK74, AK74 w/GL, AKM, AKM w/GL, AKSU (5.45), Ambrust 300, BM-59 Battle Rifle, Bren L2A4, BRG-15 15mm HMG, Combat Shotgun (Auto), FA MAS, FA MAS w/RG, MAS 49/56, FMM 24/29, FN FAL, FR-F1, HK21, HKG3, HK69, HKPSG1, Galil ARM, Galil SAR, L7A2 GPMG, M45 Swedish K, Madsen M50, MG3 LMG, MG3 HMG, PKM, RPK47, RPK74, Sanna 77, Star Z45, Uzi, Vektor, Vektor w/GL, Vz24 SMG, Vz52 LMG, Vz58 Assault Rifle, Vz61 Skorpion, plus many more.

French Vehicles – Helicopters

Alouette, Alouette II, Alouette II w/HE, Alouette III, Alouette III ATGM, AML/ERC-90, AML-60/20, AMX-VCI, AMX-VTT 81, AMX VTT 4.2 (120), AMX-10 ATGM, AMX-10 P, AMX-10 RAC (105), AMX-13/75, AMX-13/90, AMX-13/105, AMX-13/105 (SB), AMX-30 MBT, AMX-30 B2, AS 350, Ecureuil, Panhard M3, Panhard VBL, SA321 Super Frelon, SA330 Puma, SA332 Super Puma, SA341 Gazelle, VAB APC, VBX-170 APC, Gazelle and variants

UK-SADF-Rhodesian Vehicles

Buffel APC, Buffel 81, Casspir APC, Casspir 81, Casspir 106 RR, Casspir Command vehicle, Centurion MBT, Crocodile APC, Ferret AC, Fox LAC, Kudu APC, Leopard APC, LIW G-6 SPA, Mazda Escort Vehicle, Olifant I MBT, Olifant MkIA, Olifant MkIB, Ratel 20, Ratel 81, Ratel 90, Ratle Command Vehicle, Rooikat AFV, Selous Scout PIG, Saxon APC, Scorpion 76mm, Unimog Scout, Unimog 122 MRL, Unimog 106RR, Unimog SP ZPU-1, Vickers MkIII MBT

Russian – Chinese Vehicles – Helicopters

BMP-1, BMP-1 w/AGL, BMP-2, BRDM-1, BRDM-2, BRDM-2 ATGM, BRDM-2 Command Vehicle, BTR-40 APC, BTR-60 APC, BTR-60 PB, Mi-2 Hoplite, Mi-24 Hind, Mi-24 Hind D, Mi-6 Hook, Mi-8/17 Gunship, Mi-8/17 Transport, OT-64, SO-122 SPA, SO-152 SPA, T34/100 MBT, T54/55 MBT, T62 MBT, T64 MBT, T72 MBT, Type 59 MBT, Type 64 MBT, UAZ 469, YW 531C APC, YW 531C 81mm MC, YW 531C 120mm MC, ZSU-23-4


Note- The changes to weapons are for the mod only and NOT endorsed by John Tiller/HPS!!

They are our own special touches to “modernize” Squad Battles up to the 1990’s.

Small Arms Assault and Battle Rifles

These have been increased a bit more to real world maximum effective ranges and also more in cohesion with the weapon firing them. For those unaware, the AK-47 and NATO battle rifles do indeed both fire 7.62mm, yet the Kalashkinov fires 7.62x39mm (7.62 short) where as NATO weapons fire 7.62x51mm (7.62 NATO). This gives 7.62N weapons a much farther range than 7.62S. Also, 5.56mm weapons have longer effective ranges than 7.62x39mm weapons, but the latter have much more punch and are generally more reliable.

New Rifle Ranges

5.45mm (AK74) 10 hexes (400m)

5.45mm (AKSU) 5 hexes (200m)

30 M1G (7.62×63) 14 hexes (540m)

30 M1C (7.62×33) 8 hexes (320m)

5.56N Rifles – 10 hexes (400m)

7.5 MAS (MAS 49/56) 12 hexes (480m)

7.62N rifles – 14 hexes (560m)

7.62 (AK47) rifles – 8 hexes (320m) lethality increase to 20

7.62 (AKM) 10 hexes (400m)

7.62L – 14 hexes (560m)

7.92 Mauser – 14 hexes (560m)

Heavy Machineguns (Tripod Mounted)

These have been given a higher lethality to reflect better accuracy on a tripod. HMG’s and LMG’s with extremely high rates of fire like the German MG3 have also been given increased lethality.

HE Rockets (Vehicle)

Vehicle mounted Rocket Pods have been given an effective casualty radius (ECR) of 1 due to the scatter that comes naturally. Vehicle mounted weapons have also been converted to single use weapons that can be increased in the scenario editor to reflect limited ammo. Normal movement restrictions apply as per general rules for overcarrying, but helo’s laden with ammunition do tend to move slower.

.45 ACP (11.43x23mm) SMG’s

Now have a higher lethality than 9mm Parabellum SMG’s (9x19mm). However they do have a shorter range, and lower penetration value than SMG’s that fire 9mmP rounds.

Select Indirect Fire weapons

(MRL’s – AGL’s) have been given a bigger blast radius’ to reflect improved munitions of the 70’s-80’s. You’ll have to tinker. (That’s the fun part.)

Automatic Grenade Launchers

These weapons are capable of indirect fire as any grenade launcher with HVHE rounds only. In addition to HVHE, The Mk19 has a round unavailable to the AGS-17 or M-179 weapons = 40mm HVHEDP (High Velocity-High Explosive-Dual Purpose). To use these types of rounds (good vs. light vehicles as well as infantry) one must have line of site to the target. HVHEDP is used in no other fashion.

Hand Grenades

These have been given an assault rating only and do not possess the ability for ranged combat. This is due to the fact that you average grunt cant throw a frag over 30-40m and throwing frags at targets as such long ranges usually does not happen.

General Weapons

All Special Weapons from all games have been put in the DB. From Binoculars to K-9 Dogs.

Smoke Dischargers

These have been added as a weapon for vehicles, but this has been done so as per smoke grenades. Vehicles with Smoke Dischargers will have to be given correct amounts during scenario creation. The following is a list of vehicles with Smoke Dischargers and the amount they should be given to simulate a full load. Also included is the year that this vehicle came into service.


The armor of all helicopters has been increased from the original value. This is for no other reason than to make them harder to shoot down as requested ‘en masse by players of modern squad battles games and simulates evasive and NAPE flying by helo pilots. Unarmored transports have received a 2x AR rating, heavy transports and gunships have received a 2.5x to 3 multiple.

Rotary Wing aircraft are still far from invulnerable, but they are not likely to get picked off by SKS rifles any longer.


Africa at War Self-Extractor

(Does all the installation work for those of you who are technologically challenged!  😉


Africa at War Self-Extracting Sound Mod

Greg “Red Mike” Colman’s infamous sound mod pre-packaged into a convenient self-installer.

Download – Part One

Download – Part Two

Africa at War Scenarios

Go Here


Game (Mod) Designer

Frank Harmon

Orders of Battle

Frank Harmon

Ozgur Budak

Additional Research and Research Assistance

Ozgur Budak

Mike Cox

Gerald Neumann


Various Photos from the web used w/o permission

Vehicle Graphics from Janes AFV Sourcebook and various SB games

Some unit graphics used w/o permission from various SB and PzC Mods


Red Mike

Frank Harmon


TF Echo Four

Red Mike

Charles-Jean Gerard

Rally Voices

French – Charles-Jean Gerard

Spanish (Cubanos and Portugues)- Tayete

Rhodesians – Queens’ English from SB Korea

United Nations- Taken from various games in the SB Series

African Dialects- Samples by Red Mike

Afrikaans – Gerald Neumann and Mike Jansen

Africa at Waris free of charge and requires ownership of Pacific War and is not an HPS supported Squad Battles title. The Squad Battles series of wargames are property of HPS Simulations and John Tiller Games, copyright 1999-2003.

For further assistance please do not contact HPS Simulations or John Tiller. All assistance will be provided from Task Force Echo-Four

“Doing it for the Grogs”

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