Eagles Strike

Eagles Strike Graphics and Sound Mods


Vehicle Graphics Update
ES Screen 1
Here’s a new file that changes the orientation of the vehicles on the counters.  Download.

ES Graphics Mod v1.1


This latest version of the graphics mod (1.1) is now available and includes:

– new snow tiles
– smaller victory objectives
– reworked booby-trap, wire and grappling hook icons
– new field graphic
– some buildings reworked

Download here.

ES Graphics and Sound Mod

The two mods for Eagles Strike that update the unit and map graphics and replace the weapon sounds are now available for download from Task Force Echo Four.

A number of the OOB files included in the mod have been updated to take advantage of the new graphics.

Click this link to download the graphics mod (3.6MB).

Click this link to download the sounds mod (50.1MB).


ES Graphics Combo Package
Here’s a graphics package that combines some of the best features of several available graphic modifications already out there.  Kudos to Lowlander for his work!  Download.
Alternate Counter Art

Bill Brockman and Ozgur Budak

Here’s some excellent work done by the late Bill Brockman in collaboration with Squad Battles veteran Ozgur Budak.  Along with a new look for the Allied and Axis soldiers, many of the heavy weapons have been given a new look.  Some really nice stuff here.   Download.
Unit Box Mod – Wodin (with due credit to Thomas Wulfes)

Attractive Unit Box modification for Eagles Strike. this replaces the traditional modification in the Alternate Unit Art package.

If you like these, you should definetly enjoy the included Advance of the Reich versions as well. Download


Self-Extracting Sound Mod

Greg “RedMike” Colman

The infamous sound mod pre-packaged into a convenient self-installer. No more worries for those who experience difficulty installing mods.   Download


Unit Bases Mod

Bob Bannermann

BB has created a set of unit bases in 2D100 and 2D50.bmp modes that make the unit bases appear more visible by lightening their shades. Good for those with a touch of farbenblinden such as myself. Download


Eagles Strike 2D Counter Art
Thomas Wulfes
Replaces the counters in Pacific War with some cool background artwork. This is present in the 2D zoom in view only and present for all nationalities. Download
Eagles Strike Vehicle and Unit
Ozgur Budak and Frank Harmon
Ozgur’s best work hands down. As with the Advance of the Reich Vehicle mod, this also replaces many of the unit box vehicle graphics for ES with new vehicle graphics that are present in the Vehiclebox.bmp. Counter graphics remain the same due to the fact that the level of detail desired is not possible with the images offered in this mod at the reduced level. Images are shown are of lower quality than those present in the high resolution version of the mod.This package also offers new unit artwork and includes a new Units.bmp, unit boxes, leader boxes, and vehicle boxes for all nationalities included in the stock version of Eagles Strike as well as those that have been added by the Allied Powers add-on mentioned below. One DOES NOT need to run the modded version to use this unit art package.The additional graphics are just there for those who use the add-on.Ozgur intended his work to be viewed at the level of quality that is included in his original high resolution version of his work. This is now available for download. The version in the “all in one package” is of lower quality than the version mentioned here.
ES_Divisional Review #1 .oob file

This is a historical and detailed Divisional .oob file of the US 1st Infantry Division (“Big Red One”) and attachments as well as the Panzer Lehr Division for scenario design reference. It also includes a .scn file in which you can “review” the Divisions represented. Download


American Rally Voices (Eagles Strike_All Games with Yanks)

This works with all Squad Battles games that have American forces. Adds 8 new rally commands for US troops. To install copy files to Media/American, Media/American_AB and Media/American Marines in all Squad Battles games that you wish to add these voices. They do not replace the old .wav files, they just add to them. Download


3D Vehicles 100 Graphics Mod

Here’s another new mod by Da\/illan that replaces the stock 3DVehicles100.bmp file in the Eagles Strike Map folder. Back up the original first just in case you should ever want to restore it and then extract Da\/illan’s file into the Map folder.  Here’s what Da\/illan has to say about it. “The ES_3DVehicles100.bmp is a 3D mod for Eagles Strike (BETA version) that changes most, but not all, of the American and Axis vehicles. The frequently used ones are there though. It is currently only viewable in 3D normal mode.If there is a good response, then I will keep adding to it, make it usable in 3D zoom out, and add a newer terrain mod also.” Download


z1812’s Eagles Strike Graphics Mod

Here’s yet another new mod by z1812. This guy is everywhere! This is a complete 2D Graphics makeover for Eagles Strike. Really cool! Download



Ozgur Budak & Frank Harmon

THIS IS NOT AN OFFICIAL HPS SUPPORTED ADD ON. This is just something to hold Squad Battles fans over until a legitimate WF-Allied Forces game becomes a reality. The 2D only add-on is a fully functioning addition that (though limited) still opens numerous possibilities for gaming with ES and is quality workmanship. This add on does not effect any existing data (other than graphic), and only adds to the weapons/equipment that all ready exists. No 3D graphics exist. This is the final version of this add on. Nothing else will be added as of 28 April 2003. All that may happen is a few tweaks to existing add on material, but that will be the extent.

Combatants added

Canadians Complete 2D Package w/10 soldier images and rally voices.

English ArmyComplete 2D Package w/10 soldier images and rally voices.

Free French and Partisans 2D Package w/10 soldier images and rally voices.

Axis Italians – 2D Package w/10 soldier images and rally voices.

Norwegians – 2D Package w/5 soldier images and no rally voices.

Weapons added

Commonwealth Lee-Enfield, Lee-Enfield/GL, Bren LMG, Vickers HMG, 2″ Mortar, 3″ Mortar

Free FrenchMAS38 SMG, MAS36 , M1924/28 LMG, Modele 1915, Modele 1916, Modele w/GL

Italians Mannlicher-Carcano M1938, MC1938/GL, Beretta M38 SMG, Breda M30 LMG, Breda M37 HMG, M45 Mortar.

Norwegians – Krag-Jorgensen, Madsen LMG, Gewehr 33/40

Vehicles added

Bren Carrier

Churchill MkVII

Churchill MkVIII

Cromwell II

Ju87 Stuka

Matilda Infantry Tank



PzKfw Mk38(t)

PzKfw MkIB





Semovente MkVIb

Sherman Firefly



Other Goodies

Alternate Unit and Vehicle Art, Art for Gebirgjagers and UK Colonial Troops, K-9 dogs, new turn boxes, .303 British wav files for Lee-Enfield, new Waffen SS uniforms (winter camo, summer camo, slightly wounded and smoking troops, etc), new images for MAS 36, Bren LMG and Lee Enfield (imported from SB:KW), .OOB files for the very strangely organized Italian Infantry Battalion, French Infantry Battalion of 1940, and British and Canadian 1944 OOB’s done by Wild Bill Wilder.


No aircraft or heavy guns have been added. A few early war weapons, French tanks and a few early German Tanks already exist in the stock OOB for early war actions. ( I will be writing an article soon stating which weapons in the .oob editor are German weapons that have been captured). If other armor is desired in a scenario, use lend lease Yankee tanks. There are only two scenarios as of this moment.

This add on also does not effect playing scenarios with the units originally included with ES and it “coexists” and it will cause no issues if  you have the mod installed and your opponent does not. The only issue you will confront is if you attempt to play someone a scenario containing these custom weapons or units and they do not have the add on installed. Otherwise the game stands unaltered.

Note-Please read the installation instructions.  Although a fairly easy task it has no margin for error. Failure to install this add-on correctly will destroy your computer…lol only kidding. However, it will give you a very funky looking game.

Download 5.3 MB

Download 4.4 MB (Self-Extracting version – RECOMMENDED!!)

Missing Unit Counters, Flag’s, and correct weapons.dat

September 1, 2004 This  link is only for those who have downloaded this mod and were missing the unit counters and flag.bmp’s.If you have not yet downloaded this add-on, you do not need this! This d/l includes files that have been added to the package above as of 1 September 2004. Download

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