Unit Box Files (UK and Argentine) 

Marc “Bayonet” Bellizzi

Enclosed are two unit box files for Squad Battles Falkland Islands.  These are based off Thomas Wulfe’s style of unit box.  I’ve made the Argentine graphic with the proper National Symbol for the military.

You can simply unzip these into the main Falklands folder, or drill down into each folder and drag and drop the new Uniform background unitbox.bmp into each nation’s respective nationality folder.  Download.

3 Responses to Falklands

  1. Shaun says:

    Great unit box files for squad battle Falkand Islands. Just one question in the download file, the UK Background.jpg it shows the units as in ‘Sharp Ends’ Eagle Strike. Are these to come?.
    Many thanks

    • M Bellizzi says:

      I hadn’t planned on it – I had only done a portion of those for myself as an experiment to see how they looked. Also, the graphics that I have done are not paired up with the OOBs for each scenario – it took a lot of effort from Andrew, Ozgur and another fellow to get that sorted out for ES – unfortunately it is very tedious and time consuming to do that for every single OOB. If they aren’t paired up, then you get things like MG teams showing up in place of leaders, etc.
      However if you’d like a copy of what I made for myself, I’d be happy to send it to you. Just realize you would have to sort the graphics out yourself in your oob files. Drop me an email at marcbellizzi -at- socasinc -dot- com.

    • Jason Rimmer says:

      Shaun I did a set of unit boxes for ES, they are in the download section.

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