Korean War

Korean War Sound and Graphics Mods

Korean War Blankbox and Terrain
Compass Rose
[Image: b2a359db02KW Mod.jpg]
Here’s a new look for the Korean War Blankbox and Terrain box, courtesy of Compass Rose.   Enjoy!  Download.
Korean War Graphics Combo Package
Here’s a graphics package that combines some of the best features of several available graphic modifications already out there.  Kudos to Lowlander for his work!  Download.
Vehicle Art
Ozgur Budak and Bill Brockman
Vehicle modification for the Korean War. This mod replaces the default vehicle images present in the stock version of the games. In game graphics are of much higher quality than pictured to the right, but it gives you an idea of what you are looking at getting your hands on.Download

Korean War Self-Extracting Sound Mod

Greg “Red Mike” Colman

The infamous sound mod pre-packaged into a convenient self-installer. No more worries for those who experience difficulty installing mods.   Download

Graphics Mod

Ozgur Budak

Added different colors to on map images of improved and trench positions so players can differ them easily. Enlarged pictures of Bunker and pillboxes in the map box so players can see what is under a specific unit.  Reduced size of Pinned (P) and Demoralized (D) letters on map for better appearance. Removed moustaches from most of the Turkish troop images for more historical accuracy. Note: you can use symbols file in other SqB games without problem. Download

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