Lowlander Graphics Files

Lowlander General Graphics Files


Lowlander Terrain Files

Lowlander (aka Eastwindrain on Wargamer’s Forums)



Here’s a brand new set of terrain graphics files which can be applied to most Squad Battles Games.  The screen-shot is from Dien Bien Phu, but within the zipped folder are a couple more screen-shots of other games in the series.  Another nice set of files that can be used stand-alone or in a mix-and-match fashion to give your SB games a custom look.  As with all graphics modifications, it’s best to make a copy of your map folder (where these files need to be placed) before applying them.  This way you can always revert back to whatever graphics you are running.  Download.

(Disclaimer:  The screen shot shown here was taken by me, and is of a version of a DBP scenario that does contain graphics enhancements by IronX.  Within the zipped folder are more ‘pure’ screen-shots done by Lowlander)

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