Red Victory

3D Graphics
Here’s a new 3D graphics file hot off the presses.  Download.
Vehicle Graphics Update
RV screen 2
Here’s a new file that changes the orientation of the vehicles on the counters.  Download.


Wodin Vehicle Graphics Update
Another nice vehicle update from Wodin, enlarging the vehicles inside their counter.  Download.

Gun and Heavy Weapons Graphics Update

Marc “Bayonet’ Bellizzi
These 3 files are updates to the existing Vehicles, Heavy Weapons and Guns graphics files in the Info Folder of Red Victory.  Download
WulfsMod Graphics Package


Here’s a nice graphics package put together by IronWulf.  Download.

Gun and Heavy Weapons Graphics Update
Marc “Bayonet’ Bellizzi

11 Responses to Red Victory

  1. Tod Kershner says:

    Hello, the graphic upgrade for RV is awesome! Like going from b/w to color. One comment though, it seems odd that squads are not necessarily shown with the weapon they have. EG: some of the smg squads are shown with mortors or hmg. Any comment on this – thanks much. Tod Kershner

  2. Tod Kershner says:

    I have another problem. After I made the upgrade the program as it is will not let me save a game. I get a message saying “unable to open file”. Any thoughts on what to do?

    • TheBigRedOne says:

      This is a new one. I haven’t seen this with this particular mod. If it still persists, I’d simply un-install/re-install Red Victory and start over.

      As for your other comment about the weapons not matching. IronX edited some of the OOBs to reflect the graphics changes he made, but not all of them. Chances are good that you are playing a scenario that hasn’t been adjusted. You can go into the OOB editor yourself and do it, but it is time-consuming, which is why he didn’t do them all.

  3. Shaun says:

    Hi there, the two new mods for Red Victory are great and well done. I would like to ask a question. I still play Red Victory {old version} and Advance of the Reich. Can you tell me my some off my tank graphics, eg Tiger Panter, Elephant seem to be in old stye HPS form and the rest up dated.
    please keep the good work

  4. TheBigRedOne says:

    You’re going to have to ask IronX specifically about this, as it is his MOD. As of today, it has been removed from our site, as per his request.

  5. Tod Kershner says:

    Do you have his email address?

  6. Tod Kershner says:

    Help – I have downloaded the Wodin graphics files and I have got the vehicles and the new prone marker but I do not have the new infantry counters as are shown in the picture at the top of this page. I like them better than the standard faces – which download is that and where do I put the new files? Thanks, TodK

    • TheBigRedOne says:

      I’m assuming you meant Richie’s files, since his are the ones on the picture above. Those images were not a part of this graphics package, it was only the vehicles. Not sure if he did those counters himself, or if he picked them up from another source.

  7. Tod Kershner says:

    Do you have an email for Richie? Thanks

  8. Richie61 says:

    The ASL infantry are JMass’s. I found them here:

    Glad you like the vehicles 🙂

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