Vietnam Graphics and Sound Modifications


Vietnam Graphics Combo Package
Here’s a graphics package that combines some of the best features of several available graphic modifications already out there.  Kudos to Lowlander for his work!  Download.

All-in-one Vietnam Master Mod

Craig Deaton, Thomas Wieck and others

Attention! This mod does not work with the Vietnam 1.04 patch! (I’ve gotten it to work, and it seems to work with the current update as well)

This 1.4 Meg file combines all of the mod work into one download without having to worry about one mod overwriting the other. If you only want some of the changes, you may select the files to install. What you get: Nick Bell’s Alternate NATO Symbols, Craig Deaton’s Alternate USMC 2D Counters, South Korean forces + OOB, ARVN and Australian force units boxes, lots of additional weapons, and Thomas Wieck’s great unit artwork. Download


Counter Art Mod

Counter Art Mod


This is an extensive work which replaces counter art for ALL nationalities in ALL Squad Battles games. It adds small flags and unit insignia to counters in the 2D100.bmp mode. Download

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