Winter War

Winter War Graphics Page



Vehicle Graphics Update
WW screen 2>
Here’s a new file that changes the orientation of the vehicles on the counters.  Download.


Winter War Graphics Package


Here is an all inclusive graphics package for Winter War.  It’s a really nice combination of original work as well as pulling together a combination of a variety of other people’s graphics modifications into one nice, neat package, putting a brand new look onto Winter War.  Download.  Updated File (28NOV12). Download.


Vehicle Art

Bill Brockman

Here is the last of the late Bill Brockman’s work, graciously shared with us by his friend, Ozgur Budak.  This vehicle art is also included in the full graphics package by Richie61 above.  Although he didn’t want it mentioned, it should be noted that Bill’s work was slightly incomplete, so Richie filled in the blanks of the missing vehicles making this artwork whole.  Kudos to everyone on getting Bill’s final artwork to the public.  Download.

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