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I’m a married 41 year old pharmaceutical research scientist living and working in the greater Chicago-land area, with my wife of 9 years, our Rottweiler Stella (in the front of the picture) and two young sons who, hopefully, will have their father’s interest in military history and reading.

My fields of military interest are varied, but have been focused on a few main themes. First and foremost, the military and political failings of the Soviets in the Russo-Finnish War, otherwise known as The Winter War. Similarly, I’ve been drawn to the Soviet military exploits during their 10 year war in Afghanistan, and drawing comparisons to the current Global War on Terror. Other interests include the US military involvement in Korea and Vietnam, as well as the French military in Indochina, namely the French Foreign Legion.  I also have a slight obsession with The Battle of the Little Big Horn and get sucked into any documentary on the subject.

On the SB forums, you know me as TheBigRedOne, a name I picked because I thought it sounded cool at the time.  I’ve thought about changing it over the last couple of years to something more related to the 37th Infantry Division, known as the Fighting Buckeyes.  The division was drawn from several states in the midwest, with many of the men coming from my home state of Ohio and spent the latter part of WWII fighting in the Pacific.  My late uncle was in that division and earned the Silver Star for his efforts at Bougainville during the battle of Hill 700.  It’s a fascinating read if you ever look it up. My father served in the 3rd Infantry Division as a quad-50cal gunner on a M-3 half-track in Korea.

Over the last several years I’ve had increasing roles in the SB community, first starting as a playtester for the SB series.  Winter War was the first official game I had the honor to playtest (and it was the reason I became drawn to the conflict), and have been active in all of the releases since then.  Early in 2009 I became co-moderator and ladder custodian for the SB community over at The Blitz Wargaming site, and in July of the same year agreed to take over the reigns here at TFE4.  My first order of business was to update the site and hopefully coax the community into providing more content in the way of scenarios, articles, AARs, good military blogs/sites, what have you. I wanted to transform the site from being merely a repository for the wealth of SB content found here, to a site where SB gamers would go on a weekly basis to find or share a cool new military site/blog, or get involved in a conversation. The blog platform seemed to be the most flexible in order to accomplish this.

As the third Commander of Task Force Echo 4, and the first non-scenario designer, I do not take the responsibility lightly, and I hope to honor both Frank “Echo 4” Harmon and Greg “RedMike” Coleman’s work here. As a SB newbie several years ago, I found TFE4 and felt like a kid in a candy store. The content here is what made me push through the initial learning curve of the engine and ulitimately led me to getting hooked on the series, then joining the SB PBEMing community where I’ve met some outstanding people who live all over the world, from the Napa Valley to Turkey and New Zealand.  I hope I can do the founders of this site proud, and keep Task Force Echo 4 vibrant for years and years to come.

Any thoughts or suggestions you may have about the site, please drop me a line at

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