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Jeff Connor

My name is Jeff Conner, I am 43 years old and I live in Eureka, California.  I’m married and have a five-year-old son who will soon know the difference between a Panther and a Tiger. I am currently employed as a District Attorney Investigator assigned to nuisance abatement work.  Instead of chasing murderers and rapists, I chase abandoned cars, garbage piles and those responsible for creating them.  It’s not as rewarding as my former police work, but the pay is good, the hours are great and I don’t have to wrestle with drunks in the mud, well at least not very often.

I started wargaming at the age of ten when I spent my paper-route money to buy Panzerblitz.  I was hooked immediately and spent every cent I could find on wargames.  Squad Leader was like a dream come true, even when the rulebook turned into an encyclopedia.  In 1984, I moved away from the city to rural Humboldt County.  I turned to the computer for an opponent, purchasing an Apple II that same year.  I graduated to the PC and faster processors as the requirements for games that I wanted increased.

I started serious PBEM in 1995 playing East Front and the rest of the Campaign Series at a horrific rate (well at least that’s how my wife described it).  I still play a little East Front II, but I have moved on to the Squad Battles and Panzer Campaign series in the last year.  I own and try to play just about every game that HPS produces.

The Man Known Only As “Laz”
Bunbury, West Australia. Born in ’67. Spent 4 years in the Australian Army RASIGS 1987-1991. 6 years RAAF 1995-2001.  After cutting my teeth on early PC games of the 80’s such as Crusade in Europe and War in the East, I rediscovered the joys of PC wargaming through the internet and Talonsoft’s Campaign Series around 1998. Worked on Chris Wilson’s scenario squad for the TS EF series.

I have been a member of the Blitzkrieg Wargaming Club since 1999 after a brief stint with Leadeaters. Started playing the Squad Battles Series at the start of 2003 and I haven’t looked back since. Playtesting and researching on the Waffen SS is my forte’.


Ozgur Budak “Oz”

I am 31, married, no child yet. Living in Izmir, Turkey which is a large city at the eastern coast of the Aegean Sea, Turkey. I am working in a University and doing my PhD in Political Science.

My wargaming hobby goes to my childhood when I used to play with plastic soldiers and read war comics. Although I am a dedicated member of the C64 generation, my first computer wargaming experience was Panzer General on my 486DX (RIP). Then I met with other, more complicated games like Avalon Hill’s Stalingrad or Steel Panthers. I also spent many, many good hours with the Campaign Series of Talonsoft. Battleground series, Combat Mission, Close Combat, are other important  titles I have played. Since 1998 I am predominantly playing HPS’s Panzer Campaigns and later Squad Battles Series.

Although I am a dedicated PzC pbemer, I found SB system more adequate for improvements such as mods or custom scenarios. The main historical context I am interested in is WW2 Eastern Front. Most of my library includes books on Russo-German War. But I generally read and work on every front of the WW2 as far as money and time allows. Nowadays I am more focused on making scenarios for “Eagle Strike” and “Advance of the Reich”.

I have also a dream for a future Gallipoli mod for SB unless HPS guys decide to make something official on it (that would be cool). I also started reading more on WW1, especially trench warfare, and I hope to have some project on this neglected aspect of wargaming in the near future.

Lee Hook “Banzai Lee”

I am 38 years old. Born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri. Happily Married with one son. I am presently employed at a Automotive assembly plant. Working in the Stock department . I began wargaming in 1978 with a SPI game “Sniper”. I was hooked! Gettysburg 77, Midway, Squad Leader, Battletech, Johnny Reb soon followed, though when PC gaming came into vogue I shelved most of my wargames for the cyber fields of Battleground Gettysburg and Shiloh.

It was here that I met John Tiller . A more fortunate meeting I never had. I later worked For him on many projects including play-testing and designing some scenarios in Battleground 9: Chickamauga, and Campaign Corinth, Squad Battles: Korea and Pacific War ,as well as others to be released.

Marc Bellizzi “Bayonet”

Born: Seattle, USA ’66.

Instantly hooked on all things military- all gizmo’s, gadget’s and games.

Served 9 years in the Army as an Infantry Officer, 1990-98; Stationed: Germany 5 years, Yugoslavia 1 year, Ft Benning GA, 3 years. Fought in Gulf War ’91

Love to talk tactics and write articles for websites on such. Started play testing and scenario design with Wild Bill’s Raiders for SP 1-3 & some SPWAW modules; led scenario design team on SPWW2 initial release; Scenario design & playtest with HPS for MC Germany 2; playtest for PzC Salerno


Bob Bannerman “Barnacle Bob”

I was born in Los Angeles in 1965. Served in the United States Navy from 83 to 87 as an Operation Specialist aboard the U.S.S.  Dahlgren DDG-43, homeport Norfolk. After the Navy I landed a job surveying. I have been surveying for 18 years. I am married and have a wonderful son (born 2000). We live outside of Memphis. My hobbies are Harley-Davidson, guns, hand loading, hunting, military history and war games.

My high school history teacher introduced me to war games. My favorite games were the Squad Leader series, Panzer Blitz series, Battle Of The Bulge, Submarine and Wooden Ships and Iron Men. My first PC game was Close Combat III. I started playing Squad battles in 2003 and joined the Blitz ladder in 2004.

I am a huge fan of John Tiller’s HPS games. I have played a lot of different games and I have found John Tiller’s to be the best. The only non-Tiller games I play are Uncommon Valor and War In The Pacific.

Former Task Force Echo-Four Commanding Officers

Frank Harmon Jr.  “Echo-Four”
I’m 32, married and have an 18 month old daughter. I am originally from Dayton, Ohio but I currently live in Topeka, Kansas and attend Washburn University (History Major).

Having migrated to the PC from ASL and RPG’s like Twilight2000, tactical or subtactical-turn based wargaming is the only kind as far as the 20th Century is concerned. I currently play all Squad Battles games religiously and HPS’ Early American Wars Series~Napoleonics. I have worked on a few HPS’ Squad Battles games and I am a former member of WB Raiders. I served in the US Marine Corps Infantry (0311-0341). FMF: Echo Company, 2/3 Marines, 1st MEB. ’91 Persian Gulf War.

Military History Ground Warfare. Russo-German War and Cold War era have always been my main interest, but I do not limit myself to that period. Extremely interested with the exploits of regular ground forces with elite standing (Waffen SS, GroßDeutschland, select Fallschrimjager Divisions, US Marines, ROK Marines, US Army Airborne, British Paras and Marines, French Foreign Legion,  Soviet Naval Infantry, Ghurkas, etc.) during the 20th Century. (Photo- Yours Truly_Parris Island SC – 1989)

Greg Colman “Red Mike”

Homer, Alaska. Born ‘60. Married with three daughters. Professional Gunsmith/Machinist by trade.

My wargaming career began when my Dad brought home a copy of Avalon Hill’s Richthofen’s War when I was about 10 or 12 years old. That was it, no turning back after that. First game I bought was Panzer Blitz followed by too many other titles to recall. Played a lot of Squad Leader and Tobruk, two of my all time favorites, mostly with my brother and into the small hours of the morning.

Wargaming fell off when I did my military service in the U.S. Coast Guard from ‘82 – ‘86. After which I discovered SSG games which I played on a C64 progressing eventually to a Mac SE. Waited awhile for PC’s to improve and discovered Steel Panthers World at War and got hooked all over again. Joined the Blitz in November of 2002. Found a whole new world of kindred spirits. Started playing HPS titles. Stumbled into Frank and his gang. Got suckered into designing SB scenarios, and here I am, damned glad to be here too.

TF Echo-Four
Harmon Jr., F.Lee (AWOL)
Greg “RedMike” Colemman
Budak, Ozgur
Conner, Jeffrey
Harden, Laurence
Hook, Lee
Bellizzi, Marc
Bannerman, Bob

Glenn, Andrew
Cox, Mike
Brockman, Bill
Blackburn, Dave
Hamilton, Rich
Marsh, Louie
Thomas, William
Tiller, John
Wilder, Bill

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