Keif’s Mega AoTR Pack


Keif149 decided that folks shouldn’t have to spend all day downloading AoTR files they might want, so he uploaded each scenario in the AoTR section and combined them into one big ZIP file.  Every scenario after this post is included in this pack.  Thanks for the work, Keif!  Download.


Valor of the Guards Battle Pack

Marc “Bayonet” Bellizzi

Here is a custom pack of scenarios that Marc models after the ASL game map.  Please read the “Readme” file in the download which explains a lot of the alterations to the map as well as some unique terrain modifications that are not typical in a Squad Battle scenario map.   There are 3 new scenarios, to include an accurate version of “Pavlov’s House”, as well as the entire OOB for the time frame from 15 Sep42 to January 1943. The map is faily good sized and there is a lot of room for new battles if players with to try their hand at design. Also, there are over 20 ASL scenarios available for the Valor of the Guards game, so players can get inspiration from that angle as well.  Download.


ASL Journal 7 Scenario Pack

Mike Cox

Here’s a battlepack of ASL conversions from SB scenario designer Mike Cox.  They include: The Yelna Bridge, Lenin’s Sons, Flanking Flamethrowers, Borodino Train Station, and Marders Not Martyrs. Download.


AvR Scenario Pack #1

Ostkampfer Mega Scenario Pack

by Budak, Harden, Harmon, Kinscherf, Hook, Plume, Wilder, Wulfes

This scenario pack is a collection of 23 custom scenarios created for Advance of the Reich and previously spotlighted on this page. Instead of shelving these into the archival abyss, they have been condensed into one package for ease of storage and to create space for future designs. Scenarios included are Ozgur Budaks’ State Farm 79 No.#1 and #2,  Kevin Kinscherfs’ Borisov by Dusk series (6), Wild Bill Wilder’s Byte Sized Series (4), Desertion! by Thomas Wulfes, Frank’s Blizzard of Steel scenario and finally TFE4’s Stock variant package for PBEM (9). download


AvR Scenario Pack #2

Thomas Wulfes and Frank Harmon

Divisionazul – “Sangre y Honor”

250.Infanteriedivision “Divisionazul” aka The Spanish “Blue” Division 1941-42

A combined effort of Thomas Wulfes and myself, “Sangre y Honor” (Blood and Honor) is a mini-battlepack  that covers the brutal winter actions of Generalissimo Franco’s bold band of volunteers on the Leningrad Front. Thrown head first into the fray, these 5 scenarios (converted from ASL) will definitely give you a taste of the vicious situations these daring Spaniards faced and why they maintained their reputation as a highly disciplined, and courageous unit. Also included is a historical Order of Battle for the entire division as of it’s entering into combat in 1941. This .oob file can be used for future scenarios covering the Divisionazul. download (complete battlepack)

Updated Sangre y Honor #5


AvR Scenario Pack #3

Budak, Hook, Harmon, Wulfes, Conner

Board Game Project Scenarios  1 – 10

This is a condensed .zip file with the first 10 scenarios of the BGP_AvR project loaded into one .zip. Converted from ASL, these scenarios are : Shklov’s Labors Lost, Ice Devils, They Fired on Odessa, Dead of Winter, Escape at Dawn, Storming the Factory, Two Long Bars, Swarm of Gnats, Directive Number Three and Knife in the Back~Sowchos


AvR Scenario Pack #4

Bellizzi, Budak, Colman, Cox and Marsh.

Board Game Project Scenarios  11 – 20

This is a condensed .zip file with scenarios 11-20 of the BGP_AvR project loaded into one .zip. It also includes the last Squad Battles scenario made by former WB Raider, Louie Marsh. Converted from ASL, these scenarios are : The Hedgehog of Piepsk, Burzevo, Wintergewitter, Commando Schenke, The Guards Counterattack, The Bread Factory #2, To the Rescue, Guryev’s HQ, Pavlov’s House, and Blocking Action at


AvR State Farm 79 Battle Pack

By Ozgur Budak

Two exciting scenarios covering the classic action at State Farm 79 in December of 1942 in the Chir river sector. These scenarios are designed for pbem. Get them here: download


Individual Advance of the Reich Scenarios

“A Difficult Affair”

by Marc “Bayonet” Bellizzi

West of Butovo, Russia, 4 July 1943 On the afternoon of 4 July, as part of preparations for the German offensive at Kursk, units of the 4th Panzerarmee conducted several reconnaissance in force missions.  The objective of the attacks was to eliminate Russian forward outposts.  PzD Grossdeutschland’s Fusilier Regiment was assigned the task of securing the western end of a low, treeless ridge west of Butovo.  At 1500 hours, elements of the 3rd Battalion moved forward. The western end of the ridge was defended by a reinforced platoon of the 3rd Battalion, 199th Guards Rifle Regiment.  After a brief artillery barrage, the fusiliers moved forward.  In addition to mines and other fortifications, the Russians responded with mortar fire from the villiage of Getsevka.  In a bloody assault that lasted two hours, the fusiliers finally captured the ridge, but had sustained heavy casualties.  It was a harbinger of things to come. download


“Lead Sky, Steel Chariots and Iron Will”

BGP_AR#21ASL Scenario_TAC 15 Frank Harmon

Gromovaja-Balka, Ukraine SSR 28 February 1942  1.Kompanie/373. Infanterie Batallion “Legion Wallonia” attempt to hold off a battalion sized infantry assault of the Soviet 57th Army with armored support. Armor, Inafntry and air support are in route. Can you hold? They did historically.  download


“Thunder at Karelova”

Ozgur Budak

25 November 1942, Karelova, 6km SW Belyi. The Soviet High Command had been convinced by Marshal Zhukov’s proposal that two strategic operations be carried out, almost concurrently, in the winter of 1942. Both were assigned codenames of a planet, and were scheduled to be the opening gambits of two further reaching strategic plans. Operation Uranus, which, if successful, would open Operation Saturn, became the focus of world attention and is better known as the Battle of Stalingrad. The northern action, Operation Mars, if successful, was to be the opener for Operation Jupiter. Mars is one of the least known and least publicized Soviet battle’s. Basically, the Mars plan was to annihilate the German 9th Army in the Rzhev Salient…….. download


Waffen SS: The East 1939-1943


Waffen SS: The East 1939-43 is a collection of scenarios that deal with the actions of various SS units during the first years of the Russo-German War due to the fact that no Waffen SS scenarios were included with the stock version of Advance of the Reich. The Maps are as close as we can manage with what comes with the original game. Lastly, these scenarios will not be 100% historically accurate, but they will be as close as we can manage with the materials we have at hand. (We have a wealth of books on the Waffen SS between us.) It is also worth mentioning that they will also be created with a large emphasis on PBEM balance as always, but will also be scripted for solo play vs. the AI.

1.SS Liebstandarte SS Adolf Hitler

“Panzermeyer’s Bluff” Sarnowka, Russia   08 July 1941download

“Sokolow: The Hammer Strikes” Sokolow, Ukraine SSR14 July 1941   download

“Kherson: Soldiers of the Sea” Kherson,Ukraine, SSR  19 August 1941 download

“die Ritterkreuz für Joachim Peiper” Krasnaya- Polyana, USSR   12 February 1943 download


2.SS Division Reich & SSVT Deutschland

“The Day the World Exploded” Mlava, Poland   01 September 1939 download

“Bridge at Puchoviece” Puchoviece, Byelorussia   01 July 1941   download (Includes corrected game map)

“Klingenberg at Beresina” Perevos, Byelorussia    03 July 1941 download

“Siberians’ Welcomed” Saosjorje, Byelorussia   09 July 1941   download


3.SS Totenkopf Division

“Blizzard of Steel” Demjansk Pocket – Zaborov, Russia  12 January, 1942 download

Stalingrad Campaign Game

by Marc “Bayonet” Bellizzi

The Stalingrad Module

Ever since the release of Squad Leader in 1978, players have been enthralled with one particular scenario and theme; Scenario #1, ‘The Guards Counterattack’, set in the hell that was Stalingrad.

I have endeavored to bring out the capabilities of Advance of the Reich for this theme.  Sadly, the AvR stock Stalingrad scenarios were very generic and stale; however, the Stalingrad map and the OOB & scenario editors were sufficient to be able to provide an excellent series of realistic scenarios on Stalingrad.  TF-E4 already carries several updated and expanded Stalingrad scenarios, and we may release more if players show interest.  But something was missing; this ultimately got me thinking about two ideas; one, a monster scenario with true to life forces, and two, a campaign of sorts for the system.The “mini-campaign” as I call it, was built first; I took ideas from ASL, Critical Hit games and my own thoughts and worked them into a mini-campaign game that requires an umpire to play, but can really be fun and imaginative if played right.  Essentially each player starts with a pre-set force, and then purchases additional units to fight in the upcoming scenario.  With the help of an umpire, the players fight out a scenario that represents one day of fighting and then take stock of their losses, replenish forces, purchase new units and prepare for the next day’s scenario battle.  Depending on what time frame players start their mini-campaign, several scenarios (called Campaign Game days or CG Days) can transpire before campaign end.  The time between scenarios is referred to as a ‘refit’ phase.  All the actions of the refit phase require an umpire.  The facets are very detailed and can really give players a sense of frustration and immersion in the see-saw struggle for the city.The monster scenario is set in the Dzerzhinsky Tractor Factory and Red Barricades Factory; at least 5 Divisions are involved.  The on-map forces are immense; however, the biggest problem with the scenario so far is that it cannot acquire the feel of the fight; the game mechanics are not set-up to represent the time frame, reinforcements, fire support or combat action required to actually capture these two titanic facilities.  My guess is that players will end up using the monster scenario as a starting point for the mini campaign, which is probably the direction I will take the module; melding the two together into a single element.We are releasing a modified Stalingrad base map w/ historical buildings added, campaign map w/ all the important points in the city labeled, an OOB for 14 Oct 42 and the Mini campaign rulesWe are releasing a modified Stalingrad base map w/ historical buildings added, campaign map w/ all the important points in the city labeled, an OOB for 14 Oct 42 and the Mini campaign rules.


This is DEFINITELY a work in progress; I would be delighted to hear from players what they think of the work so far, and would entertain input or ideas on how to make the module better.

The monster scenario will get released when I get it complete.  It truly is daunting to see the size of the forces crammed into the tiny map area of the scenario.  But that was how it really was.

Get it here:


Marders Not Martyrs

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