Pacific War

Pacific War Expansion Pack A
Joao Lima

A brand new 5-pack of scenarios for Pacific War from SB scenario designer Joao Lima.  Includes:   Light Tanks-Heavy Battles, The Rescue, At the Edge of the World, The Squeeze and From the Jungle to the City.  Download.


Olankhuduk – Prelude to War Version #2

Frank Harmon

12 FEBRUARY 1936  Olankhuduk Region, Manchukuo

This is an updated version of the stock scenario that was created by Frank during the Pacific War project. This scenario limits IJA Banzai attacks to 1, reduces one objective to 15 points in lieu of 20 and reduces the number of turns from 18 to 15. This makes for a much more exciting match PBEM or versus the A/I. If downloaded and installed, this will replace the stock version. download


Hey, You Wanna Live Forever?!

Bryan Melvin, converted to PacWar by Greg Colman

21 JULY 1944   Red Beach Sector, Guam

The 3rd Marine Division was assigned the task of securing the beaches between Asan and Adelup Point. It was the spot that the Japanese Commander, Lt General Takashina, predicted the invasion would occur. The Japanese had set up a formidable defense along the Chonito Cliffs and waited for the Americans to land.

Soon the 3rd Battalion of the 3rd Marines was heading toward Red Beaches One and Two in their Amtracks. At first, all was quiet as the Amtracks climbed the reef and began moving toward land. Then all hell broke loose! As the 3/3 Marines made it to shore and debarked from the Amtracks, many froze with fear on the beach. Then an unnamed Marine yelled, “Hey, you wanna live forever? Get off this damn beach now!” and that they did; thus, Red Beach earned its color. download


Ramsey’s Charge

Thomas Wulfes

16 JANUARY 1942 Morong, The Philippines

The battle for the Philippines was now centered on the Bataan peninsula. Among the defenders was the 26th Cavalry Regiment (Philippine Scouts), and although it’s horses were now worn and weary from constant rearguard actions and long patrols. Despite their condition, General Wainwright had need of their services. The village of Morong, situated on a good river defensive line, had been inexplicably abandoned without a fight by the Philippine 1st Division. Besides yielding prime defensive terrain to the enemy to the east the move also left the flank of the Philippine 2nd Division dangling. An angry General Wainwright reprimanded the 1st Division commander General Segundo and ordered the village to be reoccupied at once. download


A Six Pack for the Road (6 Scenarios)

Wild Bill Wilder

Wild Bill Wilder’s final Squad Battles work so far unreleased. Originally slated to be a part of the Pacific War CD, for one reason or another they managed to slip through the cracks and have not been offered to owners of Pacific War.  Task Force Echo-Four is honored to be able to offer you this work and gives a final salute to Wild Bill.   Scenarios Included: A Leader in Darkness, Assassins!, Clearing the Crags, Jungle Rats, Marines to the End and The Emperor’s Lightning Bolt. download


Buna- Taking the Mission

Frank Harmon

18 OCTOBER 1942  Papua-New Guinea

Although the Yokosuka SNLF is severely depleted in manpower, stereotypical Japanese fanaticism is to be expected when attempting to seize Buna Mission. L Company is to take the mission and surrounding buildings and destroy the last of enemy resistance. A platoon of Engineers has been attached in support and 75mm HE is available at request. download


Buna – The Airstrip

Frank Harmon

19 OCTOBER 1942  Papua-New Guinea

By the third week of November 1942, the US 32nd Infantry Division had begun their march against the Buna-Gona beachhead in cohesion with the 7th Australian Infantry Division. Eager to press the attack, the US 128th Infantry Regt. was launched with most haste at the IJA positions defending the Duropa Plantation and environs. As the men of the 128th approached a newly constructed airstrip, the sky rained lead as they were showered with intense machinegun and mortar fire from seemingly every direction. download


Midway Invaded

Revised Version Wild Bill Wilder

OK, so I jumped the gun with the last work speech. 🙂 This is a revised version of the stock scenario on the Pacfic War CD. Bill slipped this one in on me…how could I say no? lol. download

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