The Proud and the Few



Marc “Bayonet” Bellizzi


Size: Massive   Playtime: Several hours


As part of Admiral Nimitz’s ‘Island Hopping’ Campaign, Tarawa Atoll was selected as the first location to be re-taken.  The small Island of Betio (pronounced Bay-shio) was chosen as the target.  OPERATION: GALVANIC would include many other ‘firsts’; this would be the first time making an ‘opposed’ amphibious assault; the first time the USMC commander would have his command center on board a Navy Battleship, the first time AMTRACs would be used to conduct the landing.  The coordination of all elements of such an operation rivaled the complexity of the Moon landings conducted 25 years later. Mistakes would be made and lessons would be learned, but at great cost.    Download.


A Final Surprise

Thomas Wulfes

26 MARCH 1945   IWO JIMA

By the 26th, exactly five weeks after D-Day on Iwo, the Japanese defence was extinguished. The Fourth Marine Division was already gone, sent back to Maui to try to build a fighting division out of the pieces left after Iwo, The Fifth Marines were almost gone as well. The Third was still at work chasing down stragglers, but Seabees and Army troops would soon take up the task of cleaning up the island and transforming it into a major airbase. There remained not a single identified pocket of resistance.

All over the island, night time found the Americans peacefully asleep. The first warning that all was not over came at 0515 hrs, in the form of sudden small arms fire around Motoyama Number Two. Hundreds of Japanese burst through the sleeping camps, catching a mixed bag of Marine shore parties, supply troops, Air Corps crewmen, AA gunners and Seabees completely by surprise. download


Wild Bill’s Raiders P&F Collection (23 Scenarios)

Louie Marsh and Bill Wilder

Absolutely no one has cranked out more quality scenarios for Squad Battles: Proud and Few than Louie Marsh and Bill Wilder. During their career as Raiders, over 20 scenarios were released between these 2 men. In tribute to this accomplishment (and to the Raiders themselves) this site will continue to host Bill and Louie’s dedications to the Pacific theater.

Wild Bill scenarios:

Charlie Dog Ridge, Doctoring and Dodging, (Easy and hard) Duel on the Beach, Halls of Montezuma, Hawkins’ Heroes, Heroes out of Nowhere, More than Enough, Phantoms of Darkness, Quick Draw Goss, Sands of Iwo Jima, Tanks at Munda – Eye to Eye, Tanks at Munda – Fighting Alone, Tanks at Munda – Hot Boxes, Three of a Kind and Underground Warriors. download

Louie Marsh scenarios:

Battle for the Barracks, Bigger’s Bombardment, Bigger’s Withdrawal, Germ Free, Krulak’s Attacks, Tanks on the Tenaru and Trail 7. download


Singing in the Rain

Neil Stalker

30 JUNE 1943  Vangunu-New Georgia  Kaeruku River

2nd Btn 103rd Infantry plus special units under the command of Lt Colonel Brown has been ordered to take the island. The landing and the movement to the river has met light opposition. 2 Infantry and 2 Raider Companies are to cross the river. Torrential rain has caused the communications network to fail so it is not safe to use the 105mm battery.   download

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