Soviet-Afghan War


Random Firefight 80614

John Rambo

Early morning raid on a supposedly lightly defended Mujahideen training camp.   Download.


Kunar Sweep Variants

Mike Cox

Kunar Province February 1980

Set of alternate scenarios in which the objectives, Mujahideen units and mines have been moved around to increase replay value. With an extensive border with Pakistan, fertile green zones and rugged terrain, the Kunar province proved to be a  hot-bed of Mujahideen activity. The Soviets were forced to sweep the valleys early and often during the entire occupation. In this vignette, the Soviets need to conduct a thorough search of area in an attempt to uncover weapons and supplies stored throughout the zone. (Please see the Objective type: Cache in the help file.) They will also need to prevent the ex-filtration of Mujahideen groups operating in the area.   download.

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