Tour of Duty



Hammer, Anvil and Steel

Craig E. Deaton

Feb 14, 1970,  Hypothetical,  VC Transit through an American Combined Arms Task Force’s TAOR —–

SCENARIO NOTES: This scenario uses multiple VC Exit Objectives. Although A.I. has been programmed for this scenario, tactical  possibilities in this scenario are far wider than the one path that  is programmed into the A.I. and some things can’t be modeled (such  as having the U.S. “Hawk Team” put their weapons on “Hold Fire” on turn one so they won’t reveal themselves until they decide the time is right) .  If you want to play vs the A.I., you should take the Americans.  Download.


House to House Battlepack

Mike Cox

May 1968, Saigon

This battlepack contains a group of scenarios based on Keith Nolan’s book House to House about the fighting in Saigon in May 1968, sometimes referred to as the ‘mini-Tet’.   The files can be found here.  A description of the work, written by Mike, can be found here.


Blues to the Rescue

Tom Konczal

01 APRIL 1969,  1300 Hours,   Nui Ba Den Vicinity , III Corps AOR

Two “pink teams” have been scouring the west side of Nui Ba Dan in search of NVA regulars.  Captain Stanton, C.O. of C Troop, 1/9 Cavalry has been shot down in his Loach. Land in the paddies to the south of the wreck and defend the site against the approaching NVA estimated at 2 companies until a Chinook with jacob’s ladder can rescue the downed crew.  download


LZ X-Ray – First Contact

Tom Konczal

14 JULY 1965  1230  Hours  LZ XRay    Chu Pong Massif

The third lift of the day has just left after dropping off the remainder of A Company, 1/7th Cavalry.  B Company is already on the ground and 1st Platoon has been sent west of the LZ to locate the enemy.  2nd and 3rd Platoons are also moving out. Just then, the lead elements of the 9th Battalion of the 66th NVA Regiment begin their attack. download


Lost Platoon

Tom Konczal

10 SEPTEMBER 1966   1300 Hours    Near Nui Ba Den, III Corps Area

Your cavalry platoon earlier dropped off an infantry platoon for a recon of the area.  At the edge of a tree line, two enemy soldiers were spotted to the north in the clearing and the third squad took off across open ground to capture them – right into the enemy ambush.  You have been ordered to mount up and return and rescue the lost platoon. download


3 Down River

Frank Harmon

18 APRIL 1967   1630 Hours     Khe Sanh Hills  Area of Operation

Although 2/3 Marines have recently cleared the NVA from their AOR, the 90th NVA is still in the area in force. At 0700, a CH-47 on a routine mission was downed by AA fire in Indian Country. Last comm from the crew stated that 3 crew members had survived the crash, however they may be unable to move due to wounds. Not having the luxury of time 2/3’s Battalion Commander has ordered 3rd Platoon, Echo 2/3 ( patrolling the vicinity)  to locate the “3 Down River ” before the Sun sets and then hold the area until evac can arrive. download


Duck Season

Neil Stalker

21 December 1970     2200 Hours

This is a hypothetical scenario used to demonstrate an armoured ambush that Aussie forces undertook with Centurion tanks in Vietnam. The VC are staging a counter ambush after one of their agents discovered what the Australians planned. Australian Objectives – 1) To destroy the sampans moving supplies down river 2) Protect the armour – designated Koalas a protected specie  3) Kill the enemy. Reinforcements can be expected as A company is patrolling nearby. download


Waiting, Waiting

Neil Stalker

31 December 1970    0300 Hours  SouthWest of Xuyen Moc

Based on a APC troop ambush by the Australian forces against D445 VC Provisional Mobile Battalion. The Aussies did not expect the numbers that showed up and it got pretty hot for awhile. Also it was night and they were out of artillery range. download

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