AAR: Korean War-Always Airborne!


After Action Report by Jason Rimmer

Jason Rimmer (NKPA) & Ozgur Budak (US Airborne)

Scenario by: Wild Bill Wilder


Below is a battle narrative, from the North Korean viewpoint, of a severe firefight which took place when the 187th Regimental Combat Team US Airborne landed near Suk’chon to try and establish roadblocks and cut off the fleeing enemy. Unfortunately one company of the 187th landed slightly off target and a fierce firefight broke out.


Company Commander Yoo Tan had just received the news that more Yankees had landed NE of Suk’Chon. After 17 days of hard marching this was the last thing his men needed. An intense rearguard action had been taking place whilst the NKPA withdrew to the Mountains where they were to regroup. Just when I thought we where out of it………..damn my luck…….the men are to damn tired……but it seems to be a small force so far and I know the men are seeking a victory to show the Yankee pigs we are not finished…….this is our time to make them cry for their mothers…. ” OK men, the Yankees have dropped near and we are going to give them a surprise today, we shall seek revenge for the deaths of our Korean Heroes near Inchon, this time it will be their blood which flows. Remember we are fighting to free our Southern Kin from the clutches of Capitalist swine…..lets move out”! Heh…..brave words…..hopefully no more arrive……trouble is the only other company around is Choi’s…….damn imbecile…….. Suddenly two mortar units opened fire. Ok so it’s begun……..


Yoo Tan sent out the last runner. Hopefully all the men were now in position to defend the two road exits. Sightings had been seen and some

Yankees had been engaged in sporadic gun and Mortar fire. The enemy force seemed larger than originally reported. Also word of reinforcements had just come through but as yet this was only a small number of men, Yoo Tan knew far more were needed. He had already

fought against Yankee paratroopers and they were to be respected. So far showing themselves as the best troops the Capitalists could throw at them. Suddenly a runner burst into the room. “Commander, Company Commander Choi reports that the objective has fallen into Yankee hands. He says that he is waiting for them to drop guard and then destroy them. It is all in hand” All in hand, all in hand……..damn fool……..what hope have we with a fool like that …


Choi fumbled around confused and bewildered. His honour fading into the distance. What am I to do…….I shouldn’t be here…the men hate me…but I’ve done nothing…nothing wrong..damn the Yankees for this..I feel sick… The mortar teams carried on firing blind hoping to catch any Para troops off guard. Two platoons moved up to try and take back the objective. Their moral was low. They had once been a good company until Choi came. Then disaster after disaster came upon them and once they had lost over half their number in terrible a terrible fire fight which needn’t have been so costly if it hadn’t been for Choi and his famous new tactics. Tactics….heh what tactics.. Suddenly the enemy opened fire. Again they had been sent up with no real idea what to expect and had walked into an ambush. Out in the open. How many will die this time…..


Suddenly it seemed as if hell had sent forth its hate upon the North Koreans. Choi had suffered severe casualties from the ambush and he was in a state of severe confusion. He was tinkering on t he edge of a breakdown. His men were totally demoralised and were falling back. There was no cover and his men just weren’t up to the task of re taking the position. Sat alone he was contemplating taking the most honourable way out but he was to much of a coward for that. Yoo Tan new reinforcements had arrived but the fighting in the North was very severe indeed and it seemed like they were also taking casualties. The main problem was the Yankee mortars who had taken up a perfect position and were hammering the Koreans to the ground. Again like of any cover was causing problems. He sent a runner to see how they were fairing. In the North things where a total disaster. Men were falling and one officer had been killed. Several squads were either pinned or demoralised and nothing looked like changing for awhile. Yoo Tan considered the options and they where limited. Some thing had already gone wrong. The Yankees had yet again taken the upper hand and it was going to to be a test of North Korean courage.

1430: TURN SIX

Bn Commander Hau Pong had spent the last twenty minutes rushing to the scene of the battle. He had spent the last 15 days in rear guard action and thought he was nearly home. The men were tired and needed rest. As soon as the planes had been heard and the Yankees spotted he knew it was going to be a long day. Intelligence reports looked very bad indeed. Choi had totally messed up again and the Yankees had hit him hard, the Leader couldn’t even help him. If he managed to drag his useless body out of this he was going to have him executed on the spot, unless a miracle happened, and they only happen to the Leader. Yoo Tan of the first company down south was so far OK, but a large force haD

already taken out the infantry guns and was moving forward. Hau Pong still had faith that Yoo Tan could keep hold of the road he was told off to hold. Also Yan kai and Pek Lee of the 3rd company was moving up from down south. The only problem there was that their company commander had been killed by a stray bullet before they had got up to their jumping off point. Still they were both good men and full of honour.

Hau Pong surveyed the scene already many men had been cut down before they had got a shot off. The Yankee heavy mortars were causing chaos and the morale of the troops was dropping fast. Bullets were zipping past and shells where crashing all around. Ok I must move the men into position now, already to much time spent pissing around……maybe today I can teach these pigs how well we can fight………maybe……


Hau Pong knew a huge mistake and possible disaster was in the making. Too many troops were involved in combat. Why the hell hadn’t they kept some troops back………sending in all the troops with no cover when they could have waited for the enemy and then pounced………..now so many men had been lost and moral was very bad….very bad indeed……damn fools… Further down south things were going OK. The Yankees had moved up into assault positions and in a surprise ambush had been caught out in the open and submitted to intense gunfire. Yoo Tan was

pleased with progress so far and with reinforcements on the way felt things were in hand. In the East it was a total mess Choi had really done himself proud and many men had fallen again. Confusion had set in and his only hope was if reinforcements where being sent his way. However he had a feeling he had been left to either sort it out or die………


Platoon Commander Dong Ha was delighted. His ambush had worked perfectly. He had just sent a runner to Yoo tan and he knew the commander would be very pleased with his performance. He had set up two platoons on the outskirt of the city and as the Yankees moved up he had them open fire. Many fell and they ran off in total panic. Perfect. This was how the North Koreans fight. This is how the Yankee will pay

in blood for using our Southern brothers for their plans of control and to fuel their greed. Choi’s luck was all out. As a last ditch attempt he had flung the last of his men in an attack on the Yankee platoons who had caused such severe casualties. The men had lost all faith in their command and were cursing their luck for being led by such a fool. Already some were talking of removing him for the good of the company, what was left of it. Up North things were also looking rather grim. Luckily two platoons from the city had moved up to take the small group of houses thus flanking the Yankees. Though one Platoon was stuck out in a dangerous position. They still hadn’t reached the safety of the buildings. Still Hau pong had tried to send orders out for the men to take cover were ever possible thus saving ammunition and men. He had a feeling the Yankees where waiting it out and then would make a sudden dash for their objective. He knew that if he hadn’t pinned them down or had not enough men left to battle it out after about 25 mins then the battle was lost and they would have to pull out due too to many casualties.


The road through the city seemed safe enough. The attack launched by the Yankees had been so far fought off and it looked doubtful many more attacks would be forthcoming. Also two squads from the city had moved up into A small village. A severe firefight broke out and it looked like a Yankee officer had been hit. This might have a good effect in the next 20 mins. The Northern route had, in a daring and brave dash, been taken by a Yankee squad. However they had suffered terrible casualties and things weren’t as bad as they seemed. The main weapon of hate which the Yankees had used in devastating effect was their heavy mortars. So far all attempts of minimising there effect hadn’t worked. In the East, well the casualties had been terrific, for no gain what so ever. A fully fit platoon had tried to launch an assault but had taken severe fire at

their jumping off point. So had to retreat. The main problem was finding some ground to give covering fire. This objective looked lost. The overall casualties had been very severe indeed. Three causes had been noted. First off in the North to many men were thrown into action in little on no cover far to early. This had led to severe casualties. Second was the attack in the East. This had been a typical Choi attack no thought given all out assault. Again very severe casualties had been suffered. Third was the company moving up from the south moved North to early. They should have kept out of view and then moved up through the village on the other side of the road. This village had now been

occupied by a squad from Dong Ha’s platoon. So far two guns and over 60 Koreans were either killed or wounded. One officer had been hit as

soon as they arrived on the battlefield. Only half his left foot had been found as he took a direct hit from the Yankee heavy mortar. The North Koreans could really only hope for draw at best. The casualty rate had been to high. They also needed to get back at least one more

objective. To achieve a draw.

1450: TURN TEN

The battle was still in full flow. So far the Yankees still held two objectives and the North Koreans were in a confused state. The objective

near the city looked secure however the two in the Yankees hands at present seemed lost. Too many men had been sacrificed at the beginning of the battle to retake them and it all hung on whether Yan Kai and Pek Lee could move far enough North to help retake the objective North of the city. A platoon from Yan Kai’s and Pek Lees company was moving upto join up with a platoon of Choi’s to help retake the objective in the east. Hau Pong was witnessing the destruction of his battalion by what was really a handful of Yankee Paras. If he failed he would be shamed and court marshaled.


The last 15 mins had seen a huge change in fortune for the North Koreans. The brave charge by Hau Pong had seemed to swung the whole battle in favour of the North Koreans. Even Choi was having some success after a terrible start. He had retaken the objective which will amaze higher command, they already had his execution certified. Hau Pong had also retaken his objective and had managed to get more troops across to consolidate. Choi though had lived up to his reputation again by no getting enough forces to really secure the objective. However time seemed to be running out for the Yankees. The Yankees had put up a brave fight, they had been highly outnumbered yet still so far had managed to kill or wound 103 North Koreans. They also had held onto to two objectives for most of the battle whilst the North Koreans

floundered. Many brave men had died today and they will be honoured by the troops who fought against them. Hau Pong knew that if the Yankees had a few more men then the battle would have been lost a long time ago.


It was now a case of mopping up the rest of the Yankees. It seemed that all objectives would be held. Hau Pong was delighted. When he first arrived on the scene things looked very grim indeed. However there was a sudden change for the better. It must be the divine presence of our Leader. The only worrying thing was that a lot of troops were very exposed and the Yankees could still cause casualties. These were still mounting and could leave a bitter aftertaste to the battle. In fact 115 men so far had been killed or wounded. Anymore and the battle would really have to be considered a draw in terms of manpower lost.


The North Koreans managed to get a minor victory. However the game was very nearly a draw due to the severe casualties the North Koreans suffered. On a whole though the scenario is very unbalanced. It seems impossible for the US to take the objectives and hold them with so few men. Maybe from the US standpoint inflicting as many casualties as possible and taking out all the guns might just get you a draw. Going for the objectives which are right out in the open just isn’t an option. This is the second PBEM game I’ve finished and I’ve totally fallen for this series. It is superb. Immersion, intensity, fun and a fair dose of tactics make it the best wargame experience I’ve had full stop. Next time I will remember to take more screenshots. Luckily Ozgur had taken some. This is also the first AAR I’ve written. Each turn I send I also write a (very rushed due to time limits set by the wifeJ) narrative to go with it. Above is what was written in the emails to Ozgur. I find it adds a lot of immersion for me and is fun to do. I hope it adds a little to the game for my opponents as well.

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