The Sharp End

Inspired by the magazine The Armchair General’s short tactical vignettes, scenario designer Ozgur Budak brings you a collection of scenarios that are loosely based on historical military skirmishes or hypothetical tactical situations.  What is for sure, he brings his formidable scenario design skills to play to give you a completely new set of combat problems to solve.  It is Task Force Echo Four’s privilege to welcome you to The Sharp End.

If you have a tactical situation that you’d like to see represented, please reply to this page and leave him some of your suggestions.

3 Responses to The Sharp End

  1. TheBigRedOne says:

    I have an EMAIL out to the Wargamer folks. Hang tight.

  2. Jeff Glazier says:

    Hey Alan – what counter set is in this screenshot? I’ve never seen the “improved” text before underneath counters. I have Iron X’s latest set, and it’s not in there, unless I missed a file.


  3. TheBigRedOne says:

    They are the older version of IronX’s graphics modifications, I believe they came out with The Long War.

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